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Hi Everyone!


My wife and I are so happy to have you as our customer!

Our goal is to make a good living at what we love doing.

We have been in the BUY and SELL business for many years. We have always enjoyed it!

We started buying and selling at home and online. We also opened a store at Traders Village for many years and have done great. We hope that this new auction house will be our BEST platform ever!

We have met so many people and developed many friends in the course of our business. We believe that if you are honest and treat people fair and with respect they will always come back.

We know anyone can open a business but we also know that how we treat our customers will put us above the rest. We will do our best to make sure you are happy with our business and hope to make more friends along the way...


Welcome to EC auctions!


David R.

Texas Auctioneer License # 17961

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